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Buyers Advocate – What We Do

Oasis Skeen is a property buyers agency. We specialise in searching out, locating and negotiating the sale of property. A service where we are act on behalf of the buyer. This differs from a regular real estate agent. They represent the seller of a property, while we solely look after you, the buyer.
With our access to private and public databases. Combined with our industry experience of dealing with sales agents. We offer our clients a huge benefit in purchasing a home. They gain a much better position for negotiation. We are able to do this through thorough investigation. Industry experience and connections. Plus skills developed through years of practice and training. In the end saving you time, stress, mistakes and importantly money.
We have expert buyers agents in multiple cities covering Australia’s largest regions.

Search, Locate & Negotiate

After having met with you and conducted all our due diligence to be able to action the search on your brief, we proceed to use all available means to find your property, countless hours of diligent scouting and industry wide contacts to find that off-market purchase to end all purchases!

Negotiation Only

If you have already found a property or are happy to perform your own search duties, we do offer a negotiation only service. Please consider that we do this for a living every week of the year on multiple properties with multiple agents and owners, THIS is our skill set.

Market Analysis

We prepare and present an independant comparitive market analysis report on property prices anywhere in Australia. Alternatively an RP Data automated valuation report can be prepared at a lower cost. Please contact us for more details and to order your personalised report.


Why Oasis Skeen Property Buyers?

In all our dealings with property, the one truism by Red Adair still rings true. “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”
It is with that notion and almost 2 decades of experience. We can say with certainty that our business has not only saved buyers from mistakes. We’ve located incredible families to their lifelong ‘Oasis’.

We’ve had the pleasure of creating a bounty of millionaires. Achieved with judicious buying. Savvy investing. Plus providing a cornerstone for rational decision making.
Our difference starts when we take a tertiary education of a property investor. Then finishing when we get the results of someone with a Masters in the real estate industry.


Combined Years of Staff Property Buying Experience

Purchases To Date

Team Members

$4 Billion Purchases Made on Behalf of Clients

Auction Bidding

Auction bidding is not just about calling out numbers and holding up your bidder’s card. It’s also not just about being the highest bidder at the fall of the hammer.

To be an expert bidder at auction you must have a strategy that guarantee’s your best outcome. As well as the ability to think fast on your feet and adapt to the momentum the Auction may have. There are many variables that are unknown before, and even during, the auction. To successfully bid at auction and win time and time again, is a valuable skill that our team have mastered after many years of first-hand experience. 

When you employ an Oasis Skeen Buyers Agent to bid on your behalf, you’ve ensured you have every advantage come Auction day.

Allow us to be your expert auction advocate. Our sole focus on securing your property and supporting you through the pre and post-auction process.

Oasis Skeen Buyers Agents not only provide a wealth of practical experience. They’ve completed extensive training into the psychological and strategic nuances of auction. Honing their skills to unnerve, confuse & dominate the competition on auction day.   

“Oasis Skeen did a great job in supporting me purchasing my first property. Without having the insider knowledge and experience of how to manage the maze of real estate agents, off- and on-market opportunities and negotiating strategies, I would still be looking.”

Ian W Thomson


“I have known Rob for six months. I have found Rob both professional and engaging in all of my dealings with him. He has a clear passion for his work and in ensuring the highest level of customer care and service for his clients. Highly recommend Rob as your buyers agent.”

Annalisa Brimo

Inner West

A Home Buyers Agency You Can Trust

Our Directors

Robert Skeen

Robert has helped countless buyers find their dream properties and makes securing sales on behalf of his clients a seamless process.

Natalie McPherson

Natalie rounds out the Buyer’s Agency experience with her in-house counsel advice at a contract level giving clients that extra advantage at Oasis Skeen.



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