Auction Bidding

Auction Bidding

Auction bidding is not just about calling out numbers and holding up your bidder’s card. It’s also not just about being the highest bidder at the fall of the hammer.

To be an expert bidder at auction you must have a strategy that guarantee’s your best outcome as well as the ability to think fast on your feet and adapt to the momentum the Auction may have. There are many variables that are unknown before and even during the auction. To be able to successfully bid at auction and win time and time again, is a valuable skill that our team have mastered after many years of first-hand experience. 

When you employ an Oasis Skeen Buyers Agent to bid on your behalf, you’ve ensured you have every advantage come Auction day.

Allow us to be your expert auction advocate. Our sole focus on securing your property and supporting you through the pre and post-auction process.

Auction Bidding

Oasis Skeen Buyers Agents while not only providing a wealth of practical experience, have done intensive training and courses that delve into the psychological and strategic nuances of auction.

Developing skills to unnerve, confuse & dominate the competition on auction day.   

Why take the risk of bidding yourself when for a small attendance fee of $550.00 you get an auction expert increasing your odds of success.