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West Albury NSW Buyers Advocate – What We Do

Oasis Skeen is a property buyers agency servicing clients in West Albury NSW. Looking for a property in West Albury NSW? We specialise in searching out, locating and negotiating the sale of property. A service where we are act on behalf of the buyer. This differs from a regular real estate agent. They represent the seller of a property, while we we solely look after you, the buyer.
With our access to private and public databases. Combined with our industry experience of dealing with sales agents. We offer our clients a huge benefit in purchasing a home in West Albury NSW. They gain a much better position for negotiation. We are able to do this through thorough investigation. Industry experience and connections. Plus skills developed through years of practice and training. In the end saving you time, stress, mistakes and importantly money.
We have expert buyers agents in West Albury NSW ready to assist you with your next purchase. Call our team on 02 8705 3252

Search, Locate & Negotiate

After having met with you and conducted all our due diligence to be able to action the search on your brief, we proceed to use all available means to find your property, countless hours of diligent scouting and industry wide contacts to find that off-market purchase to end all purchases!

Negotiation Only

If you have already found a property in West Albury NSW or are happy to perform your own search duties, we do offer a negotiation only service. Please consider that we do this for a living every week of the year on multiple properties with multiple agents and owners, THIS is our skill set.

Market Analysis

We prepare and present an independant comparitive market analysis report on property prices in West Albury NSW. Alternatively an RP Data automated valuation report can be prepared at a lower cost. Please contact us for more details and to order your personalised report.

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