Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Our market analysis service is for people who are confident in negotiating or attending auction to purchase a property themselves. They are happy to do all the leg work but want a price estimate to make sure they don’t overpay for a property and to guide them with what offers they should make.

 MARKET ANALYSIS 1 Get the added advantage when it comes to negotiating on a property to purchase. Did you know for a small fee of $500.00 you can engage us to prepare and present an independent, comparative market analysis? Accompanied by an in-depth report on property prices anywhere in Australia.

Consider the advantages when negotiating a property purchase when you have facts and figures on hand to give your position credence and weight

MARKET ANALYSIS 2 – For a no-frills service and a reduced rate of $250.00. We will generate a valuation report and comparable property listings from RP Data. While not as accurate as market analysis 1, it’s still a valuable tool to rely on.

To request a report simply email Robert@oasisskeen.com.au or call Robert on 0411 395 195. We offer credit card facilities for ease of payment after which supplying the report becomes our priority. Moving quickly is paramount when purchasing a property otherwise you run the real risk of missing out. It’s just another way we are working to ensure you have every advantage.

 From here if desired, you have the opportunity to upgrade to the Option 2 – Negotiate Only service. We will then step in and take over the whole process, commence the negotiations and eliminate our clients stress. Using our extensive experience and in-depth industry knowledge we employ every tactic we have in order to successfully secure the property for you.

market analysis