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Oasis Skeen Property Vendor Sales Advisory Service

Independent FREE advice to get the right price

As Buyers’ Agents we have been in the position to witness many Vendors fail to achieve an optimum sales price. Whether due to poor advice or pressure to sell.

For the Vendor to achieve the highest sale price, they need impartial and strategic advice relating to timing, method of sale, advertising campaign and the negotiation process.

Over the years we have negotiated homes with some of the leading real estate professionals. We know which agents are honest, ethical, good communicators with strong negotiation skills.

Let us share this knowledge with you and help you to achieve the best price possible for your home. Statistics show hiring the right agent can mean an extra 10-15% on your final selling price. Let us help you choose the right agent. 

What We Do

  • Provide you with an unbiased, independent opinion of your properties value.
  • Refer the best three selling agents from your local area for your consideration.
  • Recommend the best method of sale independent of an estate agent’s proposal.
  • Negotiate the commission on your behalf with the selling agent.
  • Review proposed marketing, check for amendments and where cost’s can be saved.
  • Share how to achieve the optimal result through correct timing, advertising and presentation.
  • Refer our trusted contacts, such as solicitors, property stylists, painters, and handymen to help get your property prepared for sale.
  • Liaise with you throughout the sales campaign. Ensuring you’re fully informed and always have clear understanding of what’s transpiring.
  • Impartial advice on offers received or setting auctions reserves.

Best of all Oasis Skeen Property sales advisory cost to you is FREE!

Why is this service FREE to sellers?

You will not pay any fee to Oasis Skeen Property Buyers  for our advice in helping you sell your home. There are absolutely no fees, charges, or hidden costs for using our service.

Instead, the real estate agency you’ve selected to sell your home pays us a small referral fee when the property’s sold and settled.

This referral method is commonplace in the real estate industry.

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