Silent Sales

Discover a hidden network of properties for sale. In addition to traditional estate agents listing property for sale, we often have access to “silent listings”.

Access More Property Listings

When vendors choose to sell their home without advertising it to the public, it’s called an ‘Off-Market’ property or Silent Sale.

Homeowners may choose to sell it this way for various reasons, they may have a high profile and wish to keep the sale private. They may want to avoid the stress that preparing for regular open homes can bring then having unqualified buyers and sticky beaks trudging through their home or they could quite simply wish to avoid the high cost of marketing.

The good news is… when it comes to finding an off-market property, we know it all.

We have an extensive real estate agent database. This alerts us to properties before they’re on the open market. Allowing us to have “preview viewings”.

We know what to look for, where to look and we have the resources ensuring we are well informed should something off-market arises that fit’s our client’s brief.

Having access to off-market property before they hit the internet portals provides you with an advantage over other buyers. It allows you to secure your ideal property faster, saving you time, money and eliminating all the stress.

Oasis Skeen Property Buyers provide the best opportunities in your home search. To see our services, go to the Property Buying Page or complete the online brief and we will run a search through our property database and that easily we will advise you of any listing opportunities.

Discover what off-market opportunities may be waiting for you.

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